15th Anniversary Jubilee Symposium of the Photonics Society of Poland co-located with International Photonics Job Fair & IDL-2023

Friday, 12th May 2023

Warsaw University of Technology, Physics Building,
75 Koszykowa St, Warsaw 00-662

Final Program


Annual General Meeting of the Photonics Society of Poland (only for PSP members)



Anniversary PSP Symposium (for all participants)


Symposium Opening - Tomasz R. Woliński (PSP President)



Prof. Bernard KRESS (SPIE President, Director, XR Hardware, Google Mountain view, CA USA)

“Volunteering for Scientific Community Services as an effective Career Boost in Optics and Photonics”


Prof. Urlike WOGGON (OPTICA Director, TU Berlin) “Lighting our future - The Impact of Optics and Photonics on a Global Economy”


Dr. Claus ROLL (OPTICA Director, Europe) “Optica in Europe, exploring collaborations for the sake of its community and partners”


Awards Ceremony and Opening of the International Photonics Job Fair (for all participants)
Competition for the best Science Club in the field of Optics and Photonics/student branch of SPIE/OPTICA/IEEE results



Competition for the best International Photonics Job Fair Company presentation


Networking Lunch (for all participants)



Closing of the International Photonics Job Fair

Exhibitors at the Photonics Job Fair:




Photonics Society of Poland (PSP) - Polskie Stowarzyszenie Fotoniczne was transformed from the SPIE Poland Chapter on October 18, 2007 during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the SPIE Poland Chapter members. All the members unanimously voted (103 out of 199 SPIE PL members) for transformation of the SPIE Poland Chapter to Photonics Society of Poland. The similar unanimous decision was confirmed by the General Members Meeting on February 25, 2008. The whole registration process of the Photonics Society of Poland was finished in March 2008 by official approval of the National Registration Court in Warsaw.

The reaction of SPIE Headquarters was straightforward and enthusiastic:

“I wish you a very successful meeting later this week and assure you of an ongoing close and supportive relationship with the new Photonics Society of Poland. SPIE’s leadership recognizes and greatly appreciates the wonderful work done by the chapter members in Poland and I know there is sadness in a way at losing our model chapter, but we believe that this step is the fullest recognition of what the chapter there has done. We wish all our chapters had developed in a way to take a similar step”. (Eugene Arthurs)

The official opening ceremony of the Photonics Society of Poland took place on May 31, 2008 during First Symposium of PSP.

Photonics Society of Poland (PSP) is presently with its 167 members (as of 18 May 2022) the largest and the most powerful optics/optoelectronics/photonics organization in Poland. It has already started integration and consolidations activities with Polish Technology Platform on Photonics, Committee of Electronics and Telecommunication/Polish Academy of Sciences and with Polish Committee of Optoelectronics/ Society of Polish Electrical Engineers.

IOS 2023


The main goal of the Conference is to exchange knowledge in the scope of practical applications of integrated optics. The aim of the Conference is to present experiences in the field of technology and theoretical analysis of optoelectronic sensors and practical applications of sensing structures and systems as well as new methods in the field of metrology.

ELTE 2023

ELTE 2023 - XIV Konferencja Naukowa Technologia Elektronowa

ELTE is polish conference. [In PL] Konferencja ELTE jest cykliczną konferencją polskiego środowiska elektroników. Do udziału w nadchodzącej edycji konferencji i prezentacji wyników swoich prac gorąco zachęcamy studentów, doktorantów i pracowników naukowych prowadzących badania z zakresu elektroniki, fotoniki i energoelektroniki, w tym dla zastosowań w naukach medycznych i bioinżynierii, oraz w działaniu na rzecz poszanowania energii.

Day of Photonics 2022

Day of Photonics 2022 meeting is held on Friday 21-10-2022.


1. Int. Day of Photonics

2. PSP finances

3. Information on activities in the field of photonics (PKOpto, PPTF, PhotonHub, IDUB-PW)

4. Conferences organized by PSP members in 2022/23

5. XV PSP anniversary (2023), Int. PSP Conference (SPIE, OPTICA, OSK....), Photonics Job Fair

6. PLP issues plan

7. Member affairs & other

Advanced Photonics receives high IF & CS !

Advanced Photonics, published by SPIE and Chinese Laser Press, announces its first-ever Impact Factor and CiteScore rankings, both exceeding 13.

The journal's initial Impact Factor is 13.58, ranking it 5 out of 101 journals in Journal Citation Reports' (JCR) Optics category. The journal also received a CiteScore of 13.8, ranking it 12 out of 205 journals in the Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics category in the Scopus database.

STL 2022

STL 2022 - XIII Sympozjum Techniki Laserowej

SLT is polish conference. [In PL] Głównym celem Sympozjum jest wymiana informacji i upowszechnianie wiedzy naukowo-technicznej z obszarów techniki laserowej i optoelektroniki. Sympozjum organizowane jest od 1984 r. i biorą w nim udział przedstawiciele czołowych ośrodków akademickich, instytutów badawczych oraz szerokie grono wytwórców i użytkowników techniki laserowej.

25 ICO & 16 OWLS

25th Congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) • 16th International Conference on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS).
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), and a scientific associate of the International Council of Science (ICS). Its objective is to contribute, on an international basis, to the progress and diffusion of knowledge in the fields of optics and photonics. The ICO has the missions to foster advanced optics science and technology and to promote the development of science and technology in developing countries.

PKO 2022

The Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society (PTF) invites You to the 6th edition of the Polish Optical Conference (PKO).

PSC 22

22nd Polish-Slovak-Czech Optical Conference on Wave and Quantum Aspects of Contemporary Optics

The Polish-Slovak-Czech Optical Conferences provide a forum for presenting newest research results and exchange of knowledge and ideas within the academic and industrial communities of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The conferences are organized biannually in turn in Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Wojanów, Poland

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